Destaco 7-101 Vertical Hold-Down Cam action Clamp

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Vendor: Destaco

Vertical Hold-Down Cam Action Clamp
Maximum Holding Capacity: 475 (lbsf)
Manufacture No.: 7-101

7-101 Vertical Hold-Down Cam Action Clamp

•Model No.: 7-101
•Maxmum Holding Capacity (N): 2,110
•Maximum Holding Capacity (lbsf): 475
•Clamp Arm Length (mm): 79.2
•Clamp Arm Length (in): 3.120
•Height Under Clamp Arm (mm): 36.6
•Height Under Clamp Arm (in): 1.440
•Duty Cycle: 3
•Product Type: Cam Action
•Arm Opening: 80°
•Weight: 0.45kg (1.0lbs)

Addtional Features:

•Cam action accommodates variable workpiece thickness
•Heavy duty construction
•Solid clamp arm may be modified to suit application requirements

Applications: Welding: Excellent/High, Assembly: Excellent/High, Checking Fixtures: Poor/Low, Machining: Poor/Low, Wood-Working: Poor/Low, Closures: Poor/Low, Food Processing: Not Recommended