Gast 1AM-NCW-14 Air Motor

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The Gast 1AM-NCW-14 Lubricated Air Motor is the perfect combination of power and efficiency for your next engineering project. With 4 vanes, this motor has a maximum torque output of 5.6 lb/in (0.65 Nm) and an impressive speed of 10000 rpm, allowing you to achieve any task quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the torque @ max speed of 2.75 lb/in (0.31 Nm) and the output power of 0.42 hp (0.33 kW) gives you superior performance in even the most demanding applications. Perfect for powering larger projects like industrial robots or agricultural equipment – without forcing you to compromise when it comes to air consumption; it uses only 20.5 cfm (35.1 m3/h)! As an added bonus, Gast has designed a repair kit specifically for this model which is sure to save time and money should something need replacing or repairs down the line – K200! 

Gast 1AM-NCW-14 Lubricated Air Motor

4 Vanes, CW Rotation
Max Torque 5.6 lb/in (0.65 Nm)
Max Speed 10000 rpm
Torque @ Max Speed 2.75 lb/in (0.31 Nm)
Speed @ Max Torque 650 rpm
Output Power 0.42 hp (0.33 kW)
Max Air Consumption 20.5 cfm (35.1 m3/h)

Uses repair kit K200