Gast 4AM-RV-75-GR25 Lubricated Air Motor

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Vendor: Gast

4AM Series Air Motor / Gear Motor
Compact, Reversible, Variable Speeds/Adjustable Power
Manufacture No.: 4AM-RV-75-GR25


Gast 4AM-RV-75-GR25 Air and Gear Motor
Reversible Rotation
Mount: Face and Foot Mounting
Net wt. 28 lbs (12,6 kg)
Gear Ratio: 15:1 reducer
Horizontal or shaft down operation
Metal muffler AC980 adds 2" height when installed
Maximum Pressure Range: +80 PSI
Thread Standard: NPT (1/4" Port Size)
- Maximum allowable end thrust with 0 overhung load ranges from 250 lbs (112,5 kg) at 200 rpm to 800 lbs (360,0 kg) at 20 rpm
- Maximum overhung load with 0 end thrust ranges from 200 lbs (90,0 kg) at 200 rpm to 600 lbs (270,0 kg) at 20 rpm
- Maximum recommended pressures to 80 psi (5,6 bar)

Uses repair kit K205 Vanes, Gaskets, Bearings, Springs, Pins, O-ring, Shaft Seal