Robohand 2 Jaw Mini Clean Room Parallel Gripper

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Designed for clean room applications, these miniature 2 jaw precision parallel gripper are suitable for extremely small and delicate parts. They are offered in 3 sizes with strokes from 0.13" [3.2mm] to 0.25"" [6.3mm] and a grip force of 8 lbs [36N]."

  • Designed for Clean Room Applications
  • Lightweight, Compact
  • Patented Dual "V Roller Bearing System
Imperial or Metric Product Metric
Grip Force (lbsf) 8
Stroke (in) 0.250
Cylinder Bore (in) 0.39
Pressure Range (psi) 40-100 psi
Temp Range Standard -35° to 80°C (-30° to 180°F)
Temp Range Viton -30° to 120°C (-20° to 250°F)
Actuation (Open/Closed) (Sec) 0
Repeatability (±in) 0.001
Maximum Finger Length (in) 1.50
Product Type 2 Jaw Parallel
Clean Room 10
Special Feature Miniature
Weight (lb) 0.32
Product Series Description 2-Jaw Parallel Gripper
Number of Jaws 2
Product Function Gripping
Product Family Grippers
Product Group Parallel Grippers
Brand Robohand
Distributor Group Robohand Gripping Solutions