Solberg CSL-843-100HC CSL-Series Compact 1" Inlet Vacuum Air Filter

Solberg CSL-843-100HC CSL-Series Compact 1" Inlet Vacuum Air Filter
Solberg CSL-843-100HC vacuum air filter diagram
Solberg CSL-843-100HC vacuum air filter views
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CSL Series 3/8" - 3" for Vacuum
Compact "L" Style Inlet Vacuum Air Filters, Up to 300 SCFM (510 m3/h)
- Standard polyester - 5 microns - 99% plus removal efficiency
- Filter change out differential: 15-20" H2O over initial Delta P
- Low pressure design - ability to handle high vacuum applications
- Vacuum Rating: Medium vacuum service (see attached specifications sheet)
- Vacuum rating offers a gas tight o-ring seal
- Positive engagement O-ring seal system
- Continuous Temperature Minimum: 15°F (-26° C)
- Continuous Temperature Maximum: 220°F (104°C)
- Low pressure design
- Designed to handle high vacuum applications
- Large dirt holding capacity and easy field cleaning (best when mounted horizontally/inverted)

- All stainless steel construction, with powder coat finish, epoxy coating
- Stainless steel torsion clips for durability
- Brazed fittings for high vacuum duty
- Seamless drawn housings

Options (upon request):
- Pressure drop graphs available
- Element options and vacuum gauge available
- Dome hood for high holding capacity
- Support brackets, extra tap fittings for vacuum gauge
- Specialty media and gaskets/seals for custom installations/applications
- Alternative top-to-canister fastening system for low pressure or pulsation systems
- Activated carbon

Suggested Applications:
Ash Handling - Blowers-Side Channel - Blowers-Side Channel - Cement - Compressor-Piston - Compressor-Screw - Factory Automation - Leak Detection - Soil Venting/Remediation - Vacuum Lifters - Vacuum Packaging - Woodworking