Tesa 53000-09005-01

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High strength tape for low energy surfaces
Tesa 53000PV1 combines a revolutionary new backing, with a high-performance synthetic rubber adhesive system, specially designed for low energy surfaces. The heavy duty TPP (tensilized polypropylene) backing is specially oriented to provide high tensile strength in a thinner backing than traditional TPP tapes. In addition, the orientation is such that the elongation is dramatically reduced, up to half of that of traditional TPP tapes. The synthetic rubber adhesive system provides a secure bond to difficult surfaces, yet removes cleanly off the surface, without adhesive residue or filament delamination - a common problem of filament tapes.

Main Applications

Temporary holding of appliance parts
Temporary holding on powder coated surfaces

Type of Adhesive: Synthetic Rubber
Backing Material: TPP
Length (Yards): 120
Width (Inches): 0.8