Wago 788-507 | Relay Socket with Relay and Status Indicator

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Relay module; Nominal input voltage: 115 VAC; 1 changeover contact; Limiting continuous current: 16 A; Red status indicator; Module width: 15 mm; 2,50 mm²; gray

Safety information:
A separator plate (e.g., 209-191) must be used for voltages greater than 250 V between adjacent relay modules and for compliance with the reinforced insulation requirements.

Reinforced insulation between coil and contacts
To protect the relay coils and contacts, inductive loads must be dampened with an effective protection circuit.

Technical data:
Control Circuit:
Nominal input voltage UN AC 115 V
Input voltage range ±10 %
Nominal input current at UN 8 mA

Load circuit:
Number of changeover/switchover contacts 1
Contact material (relay) AgNi 90/10
Limiting continuous current 16 A
Inrush current (resistive) max. (AC) 30 A / 4 s
Switching voltage (max.) AC 250 V
Switching power (resistive) max. AC 4000 VA; DC (see load limit curve)
Switching capacity AC-15: 6 A / AC 250 V; DC-13: 2 A / DC 24 V
Recommended minimum load 12 V / 10 mA
Pull-in time (typ.) 10ms
Drop-out time (typ.) 35ms
Bounce time (typ.) 6ms
Electrical life (NO; resistive load; 23 °C) 30 x 10³ switching operations
Mechanical life 5 x 10⁶ switching operations
Switching frequency with/without load (max.) 6 min-1 / 600 min-1

Status indicator Red LED