Wika 9314415

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213.40 4 100PSI 1/4 B

Wika 9314415

  • Bourdon tube pressure gauge, forged brass case Model: 213.40-E-P
  • Specifications according to data sheet: APM 213.40 (APM 02.06) Measuring System: Copper Alloy Movement: Copper Alloy
  • Nominal Size: 4.0" Unit of outer Scale: psi / -inHg Pressure-Range-Type: gauge pressure range Range: 0/100 psi
  • Process Connection: 1/4"NPT Connector Position: Lower Back Mount Case: Forged Brass, Gold Painted Bezel/Ring: Brass, Chrome Plated Window: Acrylic
  • Accuracy Class: +/- 1% (ASME B40.1 Grade 1A) Case Filling For Vibration Protection: glycerin 99.7%