Wika 9318178 2.5" 213.40 100 PSI Bourdon Tube Gauge Forgred Brass Filled Brass Case

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Product Design Features:
Case: Forged Brass, Gold-Plated
Bezel/Ring: Gold Plated ABS Ring
Case Fill: Liquid Filled, For Vibration Protection: glycerin 99.7%
Bourdon Tube: soldered or brazed directly into case/socket
Wetted Part: Copper Alloy
Window: Clear Plastic, Acrylic
Pointer: Black Aluminum
Dial: White Aluminum, no floating zero, with stop pin
Accuracy: + 2/1/2% of span ASME B40.100 Grade A
Working Pressure:
2 1/2inch Steady: 3/4 scale value - Fluctuating: 2/3 full scale value - Short time: full scale value
4 inch: Steady: full scale value - Fluctuating: 0.9 x full scale value - Short time: 1.3 x full scale value

Operations Temperature:
Ambient: -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C) - dry
-4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C) - glycerin filled
-40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C) - silicone filled
Medium: +212°F (+100°C) maximum

Applications: Intended for adverse service conditions where pulsation or vibration exists - Suitable for gaseous or liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system - Hydraulics & compressors