Wika 9734508 4" 1000 PSI Bourdon Tube Gauge Filled Stainless Steel Case

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Wika 9734508

  • Bourdon tube pressure gauges ,case filling Model: 213.53-E
  • Specifications according to data sheet: APM 21X.53 (APM 02.12)
  • Measuring System: Copper Alloy Case: 304 Stainless Steel Case: Non-removable crimp ring
  • Nominal Size: 4.0" Range: 0/1000 psi 2nd Scale / Special Scale: 2nd scale bar
  • Process Connection: 1/2" NPT Connector Position: lower back mount Accuracy Class: +/- 1% (ASME B40.1 Grade 1A)
  • Case Filling For Vibration Protection: Glycerin Dial
  • Pressure Gauge Standard: US-Standard color for 1.scale (outside): black color for 2.scale (inside): red dial background: White *WIKA®*